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  Bones & Joints
Bones & Joints Specific minerals, herbal remedies and speciality Glucosamine health supplements to help with joint mobility and bone and dental health for Seniors as well as sports and fitness.
  Cognition & Mood
Cognition & Mood Vitamins, amino acids, herbal remedies and nootropic essential fatty acids -health supplements which improve circulation for memory & cognitive health, promote serotonin balance for mood stability & restful sleep or are anti-spasmodic for headache tension.
  Daily Essentials
Daily Essentials Specific vitamins, minerals, multivitamin formulas and speciality health supplements to bolster the general well being of daily health, from juniors to seniors.
  Diet & Detox
Diet & Detox Antioxidant vitamins, herbal remedies, minerals and fibre help to eliminate accumulated waste and allow the body's detox systems to balance their functions naturally.
  Digestive Health
Digestive Health Probiotics, fibre, digestive enzymes, minerals and herbal remedies improve digestive health, enhance 'good' gut bacteria, act as a gastric tonic, or promote regular elimination for colon cleansing health
  Eye Health
Eye Health Antioxidant carotenoids Lutein & Natural beta carotene, +herbal remedies Bilberry & Ginkgo Biloba promote eye health and visual functioning by strengthening blood capillaries in the eye, helping retinal adaption and preventing macular degeneration, cataracts & glaucoma
  Heart & Circulation
Heart & Circulation Powerful antioxidant vitamins, minerals & herbal remedies support the heart by maintaining healthy cholesterol & triglycerides & improving circulatory health by strengthening the integrity of arterial walls, promoting blood flow and reducing the blood’s ability to clot.
  Immune Health
Immune Health Antioxidant vitamins, herbal remedies & amino acids which provide anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties for an immune boost against an existing acute infection and also provide long term nutritional support for immune system health
  Mens Health
Mens Health Specific herbs, vitamins and speciality health supplements to help with the general well being of mens health, from anti-cholesterol, anti-oestrogenic agents for a healthy prostate, to sperm health & fertility.
  Omega Oils
Omega Oils Omegas for adults and kids - from fish oils to plant oils. Omega oils essential fatty acids cannot be manufactured by the body and have to be acquired by diet and supplementation.
  Respiratory Health
Respiratory Health Antioxidant vitamins, sulphur minerals and herbal remedies with antihistamine action, or anti-inflammatory properties for healthy respiration and clear airways whatever the season..
  Special Offers
Special Offers Here you will find our low-price duo-tub offers, special low price deals and end of line clearance sales on natural health products and herbal remedies....while stocks last.
We update these Special Offers monthly so check back regularly!
  Skin Health
Skin Health Antioxidants vitamins, essential minerals and Evelle's bio-marine complex skin formula improve the appearance of skin by strengthening collagen and improving elasticity. Omega plant oils can re-vitalise dry skin conditions.
Vegetarian All these natural health products meet the standards for Vegetarian formulas.
Vcaps® capsules originate from plants. They are preservative-free capsules made from cellulosic raw materials. Vcaps® are approved by
  • The Vegetarian Society
  • Kosher Certified
  •   Womens Health
    Womens Health From menstruation to the menopause, specific herbs, vitamins and speciality health supplements to help with the general well being of womens health, including PMT, irregular peiods, pregnancy & fertility, and natural HRT.